Welcome to Come for Company

If you are isolated this holiday, we are here to say hi and chat and bring a little warmth.  We are all just bloggers being nice – not therapists or counsellors – so be nice, too.   😀

If you want to talk, direct yourself to an active chat page and join the discussion.  If you’d like a more private conversation, you can email the editors (whose addresses will be listed) or ask in the chat room and a post will be set up for you.

If you want to offer your time to talk to others, just say so in the comments.

  • You will see the pages on the menu – the ones named after bloggers are conversations already happening. Join in!
  • If you want to get automatic notifications for replies, you must be following this blog, or following the post comments (you can always unfollow later.)

Do remember that WordPress isn’t really built for this – it does work well, but may need a little patience.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to let us know how it went via a comment.


8 comments on “Welcome to Come for Company

  1. Heya RoS/Panda:

    I know a day of Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated very widely outside of North America (Canada puts it in place of Columbus Day in October; the U.S. celebrates it the fourth Thursday in November), but, Cimmorene and I (& our kids) may have nowhere to go on Nov. 27th (U.S. Thanksgiving) due to hardships with extended family. Any way we can connect up then, at least to get things warmed up for Christmas?

    • Hi Jak
      Sorry to replay so late. I’ve spent a year stumbling from one crisis to another! Anyway. I’ve made you an admin for C4C. You can thus post anything you like. I suggest if it’s not too late:
      Post on your (and Cimmy) blog about 27th.
      Post on C4C about 27th.
      Nag your blog friends!
      Be here at the right time!
      Let me know how it goes or if you need anything 🙂

    • It turns out that we got arrangements made after all, Panda, but I will do what I can.

      More than likely, what I will do to supplement things, is to see if any are interested in a Twitter chat, which flows a little bit more like the old chats did. Hashtags are followed and chat rooms are set up to follow them at sites like Twubs and TweetChat.

  2. Easter is coming up and as I don’t expect to be going out that much I can be available to chat on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I’ll post times later. I’m in Australia.

  3. hello nice to have stumbled upon your beautiful site/blog page you are an inspiration
    to a soul lost in the www thank you for existing.

    • Hiya, Windy. The Panda did a great job setting this up.
      I’m just passing through on my way to sleep, but hope you have a good night!

    • Hi Windy – I’m glad to have inspired a bit of positivity in you 🙂
      Sorry for the late reply – I don’t get much time here at the moment – but I hope to see you around – look out for our next get-together.
      Good luck navigating the WEB, real and virtual!

  4. This is indeed such a wonderful way of sharing and caring. Wonderful!

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