Hey Folks – Anyone fancy running C4C?

Offering company for Christmas

Offering company for Christmas

C4C is intended to keep people company sometimes, mainly for Christmas which can be lonely. It can be run by anyone, no special knowledge, just the ability to be here, write a tiny post and moderate a comment.

If you have those skills – you can do this thing!

I started the site but my life kind of blew up, and despite trying a few times to limp back, I’m not sure I can run things this year. Ironically I’m more likely to need the support than to be giving it – say ahh.

Rara was a super-hero last year but she can’t be here for reasons detailed on her blog.

So if you fancy helping run the show just leave a comment on this post or anywhere on the C4C site.

Here’s roughly how it works.

You ‘join’ and find full instructions on how we manage the chatter on a private page you can then see.

(In brief, you make a post, people visit it and then chat with you via the comments.)

If you’re someone who’s helped before I can promote you to an admin of the blog, then you’re all-powerful and mighty! Just ask and I’ll do. As admin you can add new editors too.

If you’re new, we can pop you in as an editor so you can be company for someone.

Or you can just come here at whatever time you can make it and reply to comments.

I hope we can get some bodies on board – if this is to work someone, or sometwo are going to have to do the shouting about it part.

Anyone fancy giving it a bash? Enough enthusiasm might just cheer me up enough to help out after all!

Whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful time and ask you to make Love the centre of Christmas this year. Treasure you partner, embrace your kids, connect with your friends – all that is free and all that is really all there is.

Love to all of you out there


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9 comments on “Hey Folks – Anyone fancy running C4C?

  1. Heya Panda… I’m still going to look into whether twitter chat (sites that take a hashtag, and run off that hashtag) is an option, or not. Not to undo anything that’s set up here, but it might be an interesting idea.

  2. I can be around thursday evening. Let me know what time (EST).
    Good to see you, RoS.

  3. Of course I’m fully willing to help! Count me in 😀

    • That’s awesome, thanks. I will join you up and you can poke around. It should be clear how it’s done.
      Any time, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute you can be around on 25th (any time zone!) to chat.
      ANY questions just leave a comment on C4C or ruleofstupid 🙂
      Welcome Lucy, and thanks again 😀

    • That’s brilliant! I shall have a look round now

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